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 IPL Device >> Professional OPT Elight SHR IPL Painless Laser Hair Removal Beauty Machine
Product Name:Professional OPT Elight SHR IPL Painless Laser Hair Removal Beauty Machine
Product Description
Ice beam skin softer is a beauty equipment combining the most popular facial care terms at present, which has a significant clinical effect and has been proven to safely and effectively apply to different skin types and skin complexion.
Applying the most advanced technologies in the field of optical beauty, smart and fast painless hair removal machine could solve two traditional difficult problem of hair removal slowness and pain, it brings revolutionary change in the optical hair removal field, making the customer enjoy easy and comfortable hair removal.
Range of application
* Hair removal: permanent hair removal, hairs through whole body(hairs in growing period, including tiny hairs with light color
* Freckle removing: removing freckles, chloasma, sunburn, age spots, acne marks and facial blemishes
* Skin Rejuvenation: improving large pores, rough skin, tiny wrinkles, and restoring skin elasticity.
* Telangiectasia treatment: redness, facial flush.
* Improving dull complexion to whiten and uniform skin
* Specifically eliminating red, brown, suntan and other colored tattoos.
* Effectively wiping out all kinds of eyebrow, embroider eyebrow, tattoos, eyeliner and lip liner. Treating pigmented skin lesions and mixed hyperpigmentation such as age spots, birthmarks, ota nevus, moles and so on
Illuminance Area
Adjustable Pulse Width
Display Screen
8.0- itch color touch screen
Total Power
Spectral Range
IPL Energy
SHR Frequency
Cooling System
Water cooling + semiconductor
refrigeration, air cooling
AC220V / AC110V Alternative
Package Size
Technological Advantages
* Latest technique of mobile light therapy, fast and efficient.
* Latest single pulse technology. Painless, comfortable and relaxed during hair removal
* Latest plug and play butt joint, separate water and electric design, more secure and easy to install¡£
* Perfect combine of large capacity stainless steel tank and industrial radiator, it provide water cycle cooling system which
satisfies customers¡¯ continuous treatment demand.
* Nine operating languages suit to different colleagues in different countries.
* Water flow and temperate self- testing system and self-correcting system to guarantee safe operation.
Technical Principles
E-light technology: Aimed at entire dermis and connective tissue, IPL and Bipolar RF technology stimulates and makes the collagen in different depths rearrange and grow so as to achieve the therapeutic effect, while bipolar radio frequency simultaneously releases energy, making diseased tissues in epidermis and dermis produce light pyrolysis through skin¡¯s selective absorption of light energy. Because of energy it needs far lower than traditional IPL, it makes the pigmented and vascular diseased tissues in epidermis and dermis absorb more energy without skin damage and removes these diseased tissues, by which achieves therapeutic effect.
SHR technology:The effective depth penetration of 640nm-1200nm professional wavelength of hair removal can reach to papilla, and continuously shines to ensure the target tissues produce sufficient heat that makes hair follicles and stem cells around them lose activity until hair follicles atrophy and hairs stop growing; latest single pulse technique and sapphire contacting operation head making operation and cooling work simultaneously, not only have a good long-term effect in hair removal, but also protect normal skin tissues from harm and make customers feel more comfortable during the operation.
SHR core is capable of precise control of each pulse, and the energy of each pulse is no attenuation effect on our skin, it is precisely because this will form a perfect pulse energy, eliminate the first pulse E light IPL high energy peaks, one by one sub-pulse energy attenuation of the drawbacks of this technology, which makes the SHR had a special effect in the treatment of a significant improvement of the above, especially in the cream, hair removal, skin rejuvenation aspect. More Good improve skin texture, reduce the role of pores, skin rejuvenation technology is therefore a real sense, more important is the safety of the treatment is greatly improved, to avoid the kinds of IPL treatment often occur past skin burns, etc. side effects. The real pulse energy to the whole issue of uniform output steady, full intelligent control software, set pulsed light rejuvenation, pigmented lesions, vascular therapy in one, once SHR therapeutic effect equivalent to 2-3 times the conventional art therapy. Sapphire cooling technology, greatly improving the safety and effectiveness of treatment. This is the fourth generation of IPL technology through full breakthrough. Square wave technology that is perfectly controlled SHR intense pulsed light technology, is the latest
generation of pulse technology.
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