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 IPL Device >> Multifunction 3 In 1 SHR ND YAG RF 3 Handles Hair Removal Skin Rejuvenation Pigm
Product Name:Multifunction 3 In 1 SHR ND YAG RF 3 Handles Hair Removal Skin Rejuvenation Pigm
Products Description
Skin beauty instrument is a comprehensive and efficient facial care system, It is a multi-functional cosmetology instrument
integrating the three core technologies of photon skin tender, RF skin tightening and YAG laser cosmetology in the field of
medical cosmetology.Combining multiple energy, give full play to optical energy, bipolar RF and YAG laser efficiency, significant
clinical effect; proved to be safely and effectively applied to different skin quality and skin color.
IPL Technology
IPL Technology Professional 480nm, 530nm, 640nm effective penetration depth to hairy nipples, Continuous luminescence ensures
that the target tissue produces sufficient heat to deactivate the hair follicles and surrounding stem cells, Hair follicle atrophy
hair stop growth; Latest single pulse technology and sapphire contact operator head, Simulc operation and cooling, Not only hair
removal long-term effect is good, And it can protect the normal skin tissue from injury, For the entire dermis and connective
tissue, Stimulation of collagen at different depths, Rearrangement and growth, So as to achieve the therapeutic effect, Dual-stage
RF releases energy simultaneously, Using the selective absorption of light energy by the skin, Organize the epidermis and dermis,
A photopyrolysis effect is generated.Because its requirements for optical energy are far lower than that of traditional IPL, can
absorb more energy from various pigmented and vascular lesion tissues in the epidermis and dermis without damaging the skin,
better remove these diseased tissues and achieve therapeutic effect.Make the customer feel more comfortable during the operation.
First ensure that skin comfort without damage, and then use radio frequency waves to produce heat conduction effect, accurate
direct deep skin, stimulate ions, charged colloidal particles produce rapid movement or vibration, friction heat energy, when the
skin deep collagen tissue heat energy reached 45 -60, naturally produce immediate contraction, stimulate more new collagen to
fill the atrophy and loss of collagen gap, and rearrange, rebuild skin soft support, finally achieve tight skin, fill wrinkles,
restore skin elasticity and luster.
Nd Yag Laser
Use the laser to instantly emit high energy to effectively break the pigment in the diseased tissue, so that the irradiated
pigment particles absorb energy to expand and burst, part of the fission into more tiny particles discharged from the body, part
is swallowed by human macrophages and excreted through the lymphatic system, thus removing the pigment.Because the normal tissue
does not absorb the laser at a fixed wavelength, it keeps the cell frame intact with no scar conditions.
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